The platform for collaboration on 3D projects, My3D. Cloud updated to version 2.8

The platform for collaboration on 3D projects, My3D. Cloud updated to version 2.8

The startup allows companies to jointly store, view, convert and collaborate on 3D projects of any complexity and format. That is especially useful for companies that provide services for design, 3D scanning and modeling, engineering works, and direct reconstruction or construction of new objects. The cloud platform allows you to store 3D files, share them with clients and team members, view and convert data. In addition, these features enable companies to save on some paid software.

The platform provides a set of opportunities for running a 3D project, namely:

  • Secure storage of data of any size with access to them by 24/7 teams and clients
  • viewing any uploaded files of any format through the built-in viewer in the cloud
  • convert data for use in other services and integrations with that
  • Collaboration modules adapted for the BIM process - chat and task manager

It took the team more than eight months to turn the service created for its internal use into a cloud solution available to millions of users. The transition to new business logic and the implementation of the canons of cloud platforms required the team to analyze the market, competitors, and many hours of interviews with potential customers.

The platform is now available to companies that provide 3D scanning and modeling services and their customers and contractors. That allows them to increase the efficiency of collaboration significantly and makes all processes transparent and straightforward. Our goal is to remove all the routine procedures that prevent companies from completing their work on time.

The team managed to improve such technical capabilities of the platform as:

  • Introduce changes to the architecture to improve the speed of loading, converting, and cloud viewing of 3D models and files
  • add new tools for collaboration in 3D projects
  • improved UX & UI of the platform
  • created an adaptive version of the interface

Also, the tools for viewing and converting 3D files have improved to meet customers' needs thoroughly. You can also import and export 3D models in many file formats for reuse in other professional software.

Soon, clients will be able to manage project files and set tasks, and communicate with clients in each project separately through modules such as BIM project management and Interactive Messenger at any stage of work. The new communication format, in test mode, has shown the efficiency of up to 45% in simplifying the communication and interaction process.

An exciting feature of the platform is the pooled storage of 3D files as in a kind of industry-standard Google disk with access to each file. That allows several contractors to work on a project simultaneously with different access rights and shares the work done in one click. Now can store all 3D files well-structured in one place, and they are available 24/7 with any device.

Even if your company uses cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive to share files with clients, it can easily send an entire 3D project with all the data and work history in one click. Also, integration with Google Drive allows you to transfer all projects to the platform and further manage access even to your internal hard disk storage. Besides, integration with Google Disk will enable you to move all projects to the service and collect access even to your internal storage.

As with traditional cloud storage, you can control permissions on a per-file basis. So, for example, you can allow someone in your company to edit the 3D model while the rest of the team can only view the item.

Now, working with contractors on a 3D project has become much easier and more efficient. For example, you can invite contractors to upload 3D files to your account, and you can share a 3D project or individual files with a client so that they can evaluate your work. And to make access for various members of the client team and the contractor of multiple levels. Soon there will be an opportunity to share your projects and company profile publicly.

Another benefit of moving to My3D.Cloud is getting a central repository for all of your 3D files. In addition, you can search through intelligent search, filter your assets by type, format, and size, check files in a browser, and convert 3D files of various designs.

My3D.Cloud recently launched another feature, a responsive interface for mobile devices, allowing companies to interact with the platform and viewers from phones in the field. In addition, Point Cloud and other formats are now viewable from mobile devices.