Collect and store, view, and share 3D projects with your team and clients using a united cloud-based service

Our target group

The ease of use of our software allows you to track all the stages of work on projects and always know when and where to find them, what changes were made, and what dates have expired.

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Improve your business efficiency

The platform allows service companies to organize their work to increase the efficiency of interaction with their clients when working together on 3D projects. For example, you can invite your partners or clients to the project, so all of you have access to project documents simultaneously. There is no more need to bother how to transfer data to the client, if he has the necessary software, or how to seize his feedback.

  • Сustomer loyalty

    That is the new way of collaborating on a 3D project – neither you nor your client needs to install any software. Everything is here – invite your client to your project at the platform, and he will effortlessly get all the information.

  • Process optimisation

    Managing your 3D projects in our workspace helps you save up to 30% of your time on data processing and transferring

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Develop your business

Form a digital portfolio of your completed projects and invite your customers and contractors to work together on them. Save your time and resources by digitizing the entire communication process from the beginning to the project delivery moment.

  • Digital portfolio

    All your work is stored in a secure cloud and you can easily share and fully demonstrate them

  • Collaborating with clients

    When you invite your clients to the project, work in progress becomes completely transparent, which will reduce the number of questions from your clients and increase their satisfaction with your work.

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Digital base of cultural heritage

We provide the state with a single platform for digitizing the historical objects of the country's national heritage. You can work with any number of performers and contractors – all the data will be saved in one secure place.

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    Box solution

    A special boxed version of the product is installed on government servers

  • Safe storage

    Increased requirements for data security and privacy

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What our satisfied customers say

We connect elements and facts, automate processes and form the basis for effective 3D project management in every successful company.

“We have been cooperating with Reinis for a long time, and the transfer of all our work on projects to their platform made it much easier for us to interact, and we were able to forget about all these constant calls and correspondence.”

Janis Berkis

Chairman of Latvian Association for Construction Industry Digitalisation

“Our company is very fond of a systematic approach in work processes, and the guys hooked us on that very much. First, we tried to do three projects with them and then, without hesitation, decided to transfer all other projects to the platform completely.”

Marcis Tretjakovs

Architect, CEO at

“Our experience in working with Reinis was always positive, and their professional knowledge was at a high level. We liked the platform very much, and we actively participate in its development with our advice and believe in the future of the project.”

Maris Rukuts

CEO of 3D scanning service company,